Composting bins make gardening easier

A cheaper way to fertilize!

Composting is a cheaper alternative to buying fertilizer at the store. It’s also a safe and healthy way to reuse nature! For $30, I was able to buy a FreeGarden Earth bin through the Department of Public Works at the City of Greenbelt.  The instructions are pretty simple — just crush the leaves with a lawn mower or with your hands and start filling the bill!  The two things I would caution against putting in here is potted soil and unwashed apple skins. These are toxic and unsafe for fertilizer from my understanding, since they have pesticides and other chemicals which are not good for Mother Earth.   And presto! That’s it.  Enjoy 🙂



I also would recommend in the fall, if you want to save some of your hardy winter vegetable plants like kale, I would crush the leaves with your hands and then sprinkle them over the plots to about 5-6 inches.  My fiance and I were a bit rushed with the project.  I would have liked to put down chicken wire to hold the leaves in place from strong winds that blow in the winter.  This was our first “experiment” so I’ll check back to see if the baby kale has survived or not.





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