Social media efforts at the Department of Energy’s Office of Environmental Management: 

In my role as a communications consultant, I support the EM’s External Affairs team on tech edits for communication plans, reports, and presentations. I also support social media activities, developing graphics to use for outreach on the different clean-up sites in the country. EM is the largest, federally funded clean-up program for the country. Some of the sites date back to the Manhattan Project. It has been a long program with many layers and I like helping with telling the stories.

DOE Environmental Management (@EMcleanup) / Twitter

Revamp of the Nimbis Services website:

In my role as Digital Content Editor at Nimbis, I worked on revamping the hompage and writing content for their flagship cloud platform product, the Trusted Silicon Stratus.  Before the new site, the company lacked clear messaging about TSS.  I brought their tagline “Collaborative Computing, Innovation Edge” to the forefront. I also advised on graphic selection and helped with news and feature articles too.

Before launch:

Nimbis Services Old Home

After launch:


Freelance Writer at Silicon Angle:

Freelance Writer at Bay Weekly News:
BGE Goes Electric — With its Fleet of Vehicles  (PDF)
Volunteers Spruce Up Annapolis in GreenScape  (PDF)
Additional articles can be found here: https://muckrack.com/kimberly-kweder/articles

Video summary of my Work Experiences, 2007-2019

Snapshot of English tutoring with iTutorGroup:

Mapping Domestic Violence Networks in Los Angeles (MPA Practicum):

InfoDev’s ICT in Agriculture, Web Content Editor and Proofreader:

Digital Foster Kids app (using WireFrames and User Stories)

Weighing the Costs of K12 Textbooks
(Research Project at the University of Southern California):

Interviewed Ghor Province Governor

Power link “inked” within days

Sacrificing privacy for national security

  Afghanistan reconstruction team meets in Vilnius

Klaipeda’s cargo volume skyrockets

Lithuania to chair OSCE in 2011

Kirkilas threatens to quit

World Bank web content production samples:
Albania Country Partnership Strategy
Macedonia Country Partnership Strategy
Albania E-schools

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