3 Top Reasons for Community Gardening

Farming in your neighborhood’s backyard

One of the few best things about living in Greenbelt Homes Inc. (GHI) is having the chance to do community gardening in the cooperative.

Last summer, I happen to befriend a few fellow gardeners who happen to be taking care of an elderly person’s garden. I learned through conversation, that a lot of the plot are being maintained by others because the owners are either too sick or disabled to make it out all the time to tend to the lawns and garden vegetables.

I eagerly managed to sneak in a small plot thanks to some friendly neighbors. Here, I learned that the soil is very fertile. I planted lettuce and carrots and they managed to survive the droughts we experienced in the summer.  Here are my top 3 reasons for community gardening. img_0007-1

  1. 1) Naming a garden + socially connecting!The cool thing about the plots is that they are each named. One is called “Henry’s Hollow”, in dedication of James Henry, one of the eldest of the “original” Greenbelters in GHI.  I think he’s been here for more than 60 years. It’s impressive.  I don’t know the name of my plot but I think this coming summer I’ll try to come up with a name.

2) A “secret” oasis

There’s also a secret garden that’s tucked away down a winding road behind GHI.  It’s called “Hamilton Cemetery” but really, it’s not a cemetery. It’s garden plots everywhere you look.  They are well maintained and tricked up with rain barrels too.  I just found the whole place to be a peaceful, sacred oasis from all the noise of the day.
I find the secret to a successful garden is 1) water 2) well moistened soil and 3) natural pollinators!  I saw so many beautiful butterflies swarming around. They are excellent for plant growth.

3) Combining vegetables with flowers

I recommend planting pollinator friendly plants alongside your vegetables.  I would love to find out who are the people maintaining these special plots.



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