Rain Barrels Make a Splash!

Best product at Home Depot hands down:  Rain Barrels.  For just $79, this jug of wonder allows you to save money on watering the garden in a quick and easy way.  It’s also great for the environmentally conscious shopper.   The bottom line why my fiance and I chose a rain barrel is that is saves money and good for conserving water.  Now when there is a dry spell in the summer, we utilize the rain barrel to water plants.  No more pulling out the watering hose for the garden! Now we just take a free hose and hook it up to the rain barrel to water all our plants.  However,  I’m sort of disappointed it’s so expensive just to be able to conserve your water. Why doesn’t the County subsidize rain barrels for like $10 a home?  I don’t understand why protecting the environment has to be so much out of our pockets.  GHI has a miserable policy that’s like a page and a half long in the membership handbook on how to “maintain” the barrel and what barrel to “buy”.  Yeah, they were quoting $250 for the purchase of a barrel (made in Canada) and an installation from a maintenance worker. There’s no way in the world that residents should suffer through this.

Anyway, enough of the rant and complaining. The hook up to the existing gutter was a simple fix.  I am thankful to have my fiance here to help out with side projects like this. He’s tall and able to reach those high corners of the house!  Then, we just used a saw and cut through the gutter pipe. And then, we found a way to connect it down to the spout so the water isn’t spilling everywhere when it rains.  img_4997




The community gardens have rain barrels too.  Rain barrels a very useful tool for any level gardener.



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