Love wood crafts? Join the fun at OpenWorks!

OpenWorks Kicks Off Makerspace Appeal

OpenWorks is a new gem to Baltimore. Just a 10 minute drive from the Inner Harbor, this 24,000 square foot studio space is a perfect place for professional wood workers and artisan wood crafters.


As an enthusiast and amateur to woodworking, I was amazed at the quality tools. OpenWorks also has several laser and router equipment available to members. There’s also locker rooms to protect your work products. The plywood is shipped in from Cheasapeake Plywood, LLC and seems to be of good quality here. I think it’s pine or birch.


As for membership, I was a bit discouraged. It’s $125 a month for membership and $90 for the workspace and metal, laser, and woodworking studio use. As a debt ridden former grad student that puts a dent in my wallet.


However, I feel that this “Makerspace” concept is encouraging for younger students who may supplement this to their current education attainment. If I were inky late teens I’d be begging my parents to get me in this studio. I would be interested in a work exchange set up and help out at the shops as a volunteer in exchange for membership. Anyway it’s all new here. OpenWorks just opened up 2 months ago.

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Author: Kimberly Kweder

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