6 creative woodworking garden projects

Woodworking is a hobby of mine and it’s fun to get creative in the garden. As a summer garden project, I spent more than a few months crafting new planters, stakes, and a bird feeder using my scroll saw.  I started out with some pine boards at The Home Depot and drew with pencil the shapes to cut.  After drawing, I started cutting the pieces.  Assembling is the trickiest part.  Some parts require screws, such as the wings for the cardinal bird feeder and the boards for the white swan.  I used wood glue for other parts that seem a bit lighter to handle.  Overall, it’s been fun creating the wooded creatures.

1. Swan planter

Requires:  At least 4 long boards 1-2 inches in width cut down to 6 pieces, starting with a longer one and decreasing an inch or so in length for the bird’s body.  You also need 2 pieces of wood for the wings, and 2 pieces for the breast and tail.  One long piece for the neck.   Measure your planter ahead of time to set up proper fitting inside the planter.


2. Frog planter

Requires a few small boards and for the most part, just some talent in drawing the frog’s face, legs and feet. The eye portion is separate from the mouth portion. I glued those both together.  Again, measure your planter ahead of time for proper fitting.

3. Cardinal bird feeder

This one’s more difficult for an intermediate woodworker. Not pictured here, there is an opening under the bird’s head.  I have a board there with a hole to pour in the bird seed. The bird’s head is glued on top like a handle. The bird’s breast has very tight chicken wire — that’s so the bird seed can be blocked from pouring all over the plate.  I made a small clearance for the seed to gradually move to the outside on the plate.


4. Bunny basket

This project is great for an Easter decoration. The bunny basket requires 1-2 inch wooden craft boards; measured in the same length you’ll need 6 boards. Then using your drawing skills sketch out the shape of the bunny.  Use the scroll saw to cut the pattern.  Then, assemble the boards together with nails.  Finally, use a power drill and drill just a small enough hole that can fit a rod inside. Don’t drill too much because you’ll drill right through the poor bunny’s face!

5. Tomato stakes

A simple beginner’s project. All you need is some spare wood, rod, and a power drill.  Find thick enough wood where you can safely drill a hole under the bird’s belly.

6. Woodpecker door knocker

In addition to a wood board, you’ll need some springs and an eye screw to create the mechanical pull chain to work.  Pictured here, the chain goes through a small wooden box with holes on both ends.  The chain has a eye screw hooked on it from the bird’s belly.  When it works, the head will move back and forth striking the wooden board.  The wings are fixed, they are hammered on both sides.




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