Hot, Dry Week Doesn’t Stop Greenbelt Garden Club

Well it’s Friday and its been a hot week in the mid-to-upper 90s.  I took a short visit to the Greenbelt community garden plots this afternoon to check on the plants. Sadly, my bean plant appears to be limp and lifeless.

Luckily, the tomatoes and fig tree I’ve spotted are holding up strongly.  I am amazed at the dedication of the Greenbelt Garden club members.

Tomato plants getting their start in the brightand hot afternoon sun.

Hopefully,  I wish to eventually get off the wait list.  Why is there a wait list after all?  I’ve seen a couple plots where weeds and other invasive plants have taken over.  My idea would be to get the people who are on the wait list together and fix up the unused plots. Then we’d have something to grow!

More importantly, I’ve noticed that a lot of the people in the club are aging and slowing down. It would be great to the older generations teaching younger generations the secrets to growing a successful garden. I think it would be wonderful to see young people here enjoying the outdoors.

I’d love to just go in there and be a superhero and clean up the unused areas.  It requires a lot of dedication because the only water spicket is up where the GHI administration is located. We have to take turns and bring a wagon or something with wheels to lug the water jugs to the plots.  It would be great to grow more vegetables and fruits here!

Fig tree





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