Patty’s Garden

Bob Palmer and his wife Patty work at the Greenbelt Farmer’s Market every Sunday in the season. I met up with Bob at his stand. I was surprised to learn that they’ve been growing organic veggies for 20 years! Here you can find an oasis of tomato and pepper plants for sale.

Bob Palmer
What is your name? 
Bob Palmer

Where is your farm?  
Mardela Springs, MD

How many acres?  15 acres

What do you sell?  The typical “truck farming”… vegetables, tomatoes, and cucumbers.

Are you certified organic? Yes, since 20 years ago.

What’s the best thing about farming? The enjoyment of it all. The overall concept of the ability to grow your own vegetables.

What’s the worst thing about farming? It’s a lot of hard work and time, really.

How’s business going?  We’re doing well. We have our setbacks but it’s OK!

Bob Palmer, co-owner of Patty’s Garden in Mardela Springs, MD

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